World Insanity Day

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Today is World Mental Health Day and yet in 2023 we seem farther away from Mental Health than we have ever been.

In the age of QUANTUM COMPUTING is there room for black and white thinking?
In the age of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE has human intelligence been shut down in favor of the artificial one?
In the age of DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) the flames of hatred and anger magnify gigantic blind spots born of fanaticism.
Is XDEE (xenophobia, discrimination, exclusion, and extinction)  the new normal?
In the age of BIG DATA have we lost our understanding of cause and effect, factual evidence, and objectivity to the point where we are experiencing a collective hallucination generated by endogenous DMT (dimethyltryptamine)?

What kind of mental health are we talking about?  The entire repertoire of mental illnesses is on display for all to see. The list is too long for me to share. Refer to the MENTAL HEALTH SECTION OF YOUR LIBRARY.

We wax lyrical about the importance of RESPONDING instead of REACTING. Right now we better go back to practicing this fundamental survival skill because we have reversed the sequence.

Once we stop seeing each other as humans, we can’t put that relationship together again because the damage it causes generates the most powerful nuclear fuel in the world – HVAC – No! It’s not heating, ventilation and air conditioning!
It’s Hatred, Vengeance, Anger and Cruelty.

Maybe we should all consider RESPONDING (thinking) before REACTING (doing stupid things) and possibly using silence and reflection as an antidote to saying things we will regret.

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