Developers of Leadership Potential

“Great Leadership is the chemistry that combines competence, courage and compassion into the rarest and most precious resource for the sustainability of our world.” Fay Niewiadomski

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Our Purpose

ICTN’s Purpose is to awaken leaders to the tremendous potential they have for making life, leadership, business and the world better through the awesome power of choice.


does ICTN do what it does and
feel so intensely about it?


Lack of COMPETENCE leads to injustice.
Lack of COURAGE leads to violence.
Lack of COMPASSION leads to cruelty.


is the chemistry that combines these 3 ingredients (C+C+C) into the rarest and most precious resource for the sustainability of our world.

Competence Courage Compassion

Is this a worthwhile pursuit?

Leadership Development Programmes

ICTN provides a private and confidential forum to top management through Strategic Intervention and Executive Coaching.
We co-create a supportive environment in which we can have difficult conversations dissect sensitive decisions and
offer honest and objective feedback with empathy and compassion.


  • Business EQ for C-LEVEL
  • Impactful Communication
  • SI & Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Team Design
  • Selection Development
  • 360 Feedback Tools

ICTN contributes to the success of Leadership Teams by:

  • Ensuring diversity and balance within the team(s)
  • Enabling impactful and persuasive communication skills that build strong networks and open access to resources
  • Coaching LTs in Business EQ skills that lead to genuine collaboration, cooperation and business performance


  • 12 Pillars of Leadership & Management
  • Coaching & Counseling
  • Business EQ for Leadership Teams

ICTN provides you with the tools and the means to take charge of a world where you are comfortable with:

  • Innovation and Change
  • Impactful Communication
  • Learning for pleasure
  • Placing PEOPLE center stage as the new normal


  • 8 Gems of Human Capital Management
  • Psychometric Accreditations
  • Enabling Innovation and Learning

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