Why do we believe some people and not others?

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This is a fascinating area to explore because by finding specific and detailed answers to the question of whom we believe, we will uncover some important things about ourselves, our biases, our values, and our liabilities. 

Curious? Challenge yourself to answer these questions:

  1. Who are the people that you take seriously?  Why?
  2. Whose opinions do you value? Why?
  3. Whom do you distrust? Why?
  4. Whom do you trust when it comes to matters related to:
    1. Wealth Management
    2. Relationships
    3. Health and Wellbeing
    4. Happiness?
  5. Who has disappointed you?  How did you contribute to this outcome?
  6. Who has taken advantage of you? How did you contribute to this outcome?
  7. Who has misled you? How did you contribute to this outcome?

Want to discover how and why you attribute credibility to some people and not to others?  Or maybe, you would like to discover how others see you?

We could have a fascinating conversation about the subject if you are ready for it. 

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