IQ and EQ are Inseparable!

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of IQ as a closet with or without racks, drawers, shelves, and hangers. The higher the IQ, the more racks, drawers, shelves, and hangers you have while the lower the IQ the fewer racks, drawers, shelves, and hangers you have to put things on. 

EQ is like the various clothes, accessories, and other things you put into the closet; clothes of different colors, types, levels of formality, and clothes for different seasons This variety gives you the opportunity to dress appropriately for every occasion.

Imagine the chaos in a closet without shelves, drawers, racks, and hangers. Imagine a blind person selecting what to wear from a pile of clothes and related items they can’t see. Problematic to say the least.

Clearly, IQ is not enough because you could have an organized closet full of things in very poor taste. You could also have a disorganized closet filled with things in good taste. It would be inefficient to find your stuff when you needed it but it could work.

High IQ without EQ can be dangerous. High EQ without a reasonable level of IQ is insufficient for professional success.

But when abundant IQ, robust EQ, and sound values combine together there is a rare and extraordinary Human Being in the making. 

Better to have Leaders like these instead of free-wheeling Psychopaths running the world.

How come we have rigorous screening and assessment for lots of important positions but not for world leaders?  In fact, many of these qualified people end up as casualties at the hands of psychopathic leaders.  

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