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Choices have consequences and consequences impact people’s lives for better or for worse.

Although we cannot always predict the impact of our choices because we do not have sufficient visibility or granularity, the question is this: Why do we repeat the same mistakes of judgment that have demonstrated abject failure?  You say the environment is dynamic?

Yes, the context and the givens may change but some fundamental laws don’t. Here are a few examples

  • Consumption without replenishment leads to the depletion of all the resources abused in this way. This includes human energy and goodwill.
  • Building the third floor of a building before laying the foundations is like putting the cart before the horse. Culture Change needs more than a magic wand. It requires a change in people’s beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is not a procedure and it cannot be transplanted unless there is a good match. It also needs to be closely monitored and maintained.
  • Assuming that people who do not understand what they are talking about can communicate the message effectively or that skilled communicators are saying something that makes sense is both false assumptions. Communication is what connects thoughts to actions and the outcome can never be guaranteed.

Not sure of this? Check the messaging on how to handle a pandemic or the impact of “Global Warming” on the world.

(The misrepresentation of “Herd Immunity” as a solution to a pandemic or  “Global Warming” is identified as the problem instead of the consequence of human behavior and government policies. This type of messaging implies that we have no control. )

A leader’s job consists mainly of making responsible and informed decisions and effectively communicating those decisions in order to influence and inspire those who translate the decisions into tangible actions and measurable results.

How does the quality of decision-making impact the perception of leaders? Can the quality of their decisions impair their ability to make a difference? Can leaders lose the trust and respect of those in their circle of influence? What are some of the consequences?

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Leadership Consequences

  • Consistently poor leadership decisions lead to the conclusion that the leader has poor judgment.
  • Great decisions communicated poorly or inaccurately lead to a loss of leadership credibility.
  • Combined together – poor decisions and poor communication lead to a loss of trust in a  leader, a company or a country.
  • This breakdown in trust is the fast track to ‘hell’, or to accelerated brand erosion and loss of respect and power.

Read history, listen to the news, and watch the stock market to get several tons of evidence that we truly have a bankruptcy of leadership.  Great leaders are the exception and not the rule.

Do you know how much your team trusts you? Would you consider checking the trust level you have with your team and turning things around for the better?

It is within your reach to build a cohesive and effective team that trusts you.  The world is far too complex for any one person to lead alone.

As long as you have the power of choice you can make a positive and measurable difference. I know it is possible because I have worked with leaders and their leadership teams to achieve this around the world.

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