Terms and Conditions for ICTNís Public /Open Workshop and Events:†

Welcome to ictn.com. All information and services displayed on the† ICTN.com website† form an Agreement regulating our relationship with regard to use of online transactions.

All the terms and conditions must be read carefully. If you do not agree to any of the terms and conditions, you should not use this service. By using this facility, you accept that this will form a legally binding agreement between you and ICTN.

All payments made through this online payment facility must be made in USD and are subject to VAT at current rates. †Any currency conversion costs or other charges incurred in making the payment or in processing a refund will be the responsibility of the delegate or the third party making the payment.

In the event that any payment made via ICTNís online payment system is to be refunded (either fully or part) ICTN will endeavor to make the refund to the card account or bank account from which the refundable payment was generated. If, for reasons beyond ICTNís control, refunds didnít occur via the card /bank account, the refund will be made to the delegate.

Security:† all payment details which are entered through this payment gateway are encrypted when the delegate, enters them. Communications to and from the Service Providerís site are encrypted.

ICTN will not be liable for any failure by the delegate to properly protect data from being seen on their screen by other persons during the online payment process.

  1. Public or Open Workshops are open to delegates from all companies.† These companies may nominate as many delegates as they wish.


  1. Public or Open Workshop fees must be fully paid two weeks prior to the event.†
  1. Only those delegates whose fees have been paid in full will be admitted to the event unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon with ICTN in the form of a signed Letter of Agreement.


  1. Tuition fees cover workshop activities, English training manual, and International certificate of completion from New York, course evaluation reports as well as light lunches and refreshments as applicable.
  2. Special offers, group discounts and ĎComplimentary Placesí are clearly stated on the Registration Form for a particular workshop and apply only to that particular workshop.
  1. Late Payments: Overdue payments that are not settled within a maximum of 30 days after delivery of the workshop may be subject to late payment fees of 1% per day for each day past this 30-day Ďgrace periodí allowed by ICTN.


  1. Cancellation Policy: If a delegate withdraws two weeks before the assigned date, a cancellation fee of 50% of the original invoice will be due. If cancelled one week before the assigned date, the full amount of the invoice will be due.
  1. If a delegate is unable to attend, a substitute delegate will be very welcome in his / her place. If this is not suitable, a USD 175 service charge will be payable for regular workshops and USD 70 for Bite Sized workshops if this occurs prior to the 2 week cut-off date noted in item 7 above.


  1. If ICTN cancels a workshop for reasons other than force majeure, then ICTN will fully refund clients who have paid their fees in accordance with ICTNís payment terms.† In case of force majeure the workshop will be rescheduled as soon as conditions permit.
  1. Once the Certificate of Completion is issued based on the approved list of names, any modification to any certificate will cost the client / delegate USD 10 per certificate, plus packaging and postage fees.


  1. ICTN will not issue a certificate for any participant who is away for 1/3 or more of the session time.
  1. ICTN Course outlines are tentative and may be subject to change based on clearly identified & agreed upon client needs.


  1. No translation fees have been included. If translation into Arabic, French or other language is required, translation will be billed as an additional charge.
  1. After the validity date of the registration form expires (normally 30 days), ICTN reserves the right to modify or adjust their prices without prior notice.


  1. A signed Public Workshop Registration Form is a legal document and will form the basis upon which ICTN will issue invoices and follow up with its clients and their delegates.
  1. Billing Information: An invoice will be sent to you upon receipt of your registration. Once payment is received by the Service Provider, in accordance with item (15) above, the service provider will directly inform ICTN about the successful payment made by the delegate. On this receipt of confirmation, ICTN will confirm to the delegate that the payment has been received. In the event that the delegate does not receive confirmation, it is his responsibility to check with ICTN


  1. Discounts and Special Offers apply strictly within the payments terms and conditions specified for those discounts and offers.†
  1. ICTN will issue formal receipts in acknowledgement of your payment.


NB: Terms and conditions may be updated from time to time, we, therefore urge you to read them prior
To confirmation.