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Our Team: ICTN Trainers and Consultants
Pierre Khoury
Trainer and Professor


Name & area of specialty:
Pierre Khoury
Overall years of experience:
14 years

Training, Consultancy, Teaching or Facilitation experience
Following 14 years experience in the banking field, and following his master degree in finance, and several seminar and workshop attended all over these years, Mr. Khoury was able to gain a bulk of information enabling him to involve himself in the teaching field.
After several successful trial in training colleagues in the bank and giving private lessons to students, and after the Dale Carnegie training that Mr. Khoury attended in Cyprus in 1999, where, he won the highest award of achievement in creating a breakthrough in public speaking skills among a group of 27 participants, Mr. Khoury started teaching in 2001 at AUST (American University of Sciences and Technologies), with 12 students in his first semester and around 120 students each semester for the last three years, teaching the following 3 major courses in 2 languages, English and French:
  • Banking Operations,
  • Credit/Financial Statement Analysis (Bank Lending)
  • Investment Analysis.
In addition, he gave several lectures in the trade finance and the banking operations at USEK KASLIK, and assisted in the preparation of several conferences at AUST as well as he prepared and presented 3 days workshop concerning the IFRS in JORDAN.
It is worth noting that all his researches during his previous years, of study and work experience, and the seminars or workshop attended, were concentrated on the banking and finance subjects, which furnished him certain specialization in said field.
In parallel Mr. Khoury empowered above skills with technology, such as attending all levels of MOUS’ classes (Microsoft Office User Specialist) and other internet exploring skills, things that he considers very helpful in widening the perspective of his knowledge and speeding up his personal development. 
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