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Strategic Alliances


  1. Team Management Systems Development International Ltd. (TMSDI), York, UK(
Margerison-McCann Team Management Systems (TMS) is a suite of four diagnostic instruments that provide a holistic approach to personal, team and organizational change and development. TMS is used to build and maintain high levels of personal, team, and organizational performance through a diagnostic tool that has a robust research base but is also highly practical in application. Essentially, TMS maximizes individual excellence within the context of high performance teams.
ICTN is TMSDI Ltd.’s agent in the Middle East and North Africa region and can accredit individuals and clients as facilitators in the application of these tools. TMSDI and ICTN have partnered to translate the Team Management Profile into Arabic for the Arab world.
Learn to apply these tools to individuals or teams, understand the outputs and facilitate change in your company.  
  1. Emotions and Behaviors at Work (EBW) - Brentfield Consultancy, UK(
Emotional Intelligence is the ability individuals have to know how to manage themselves and others to maximize their success. Understanding and gaining accurate insights into individuals’ Emotional Intelligence and what motivates them to succeed is the key to human capital management.
EBW is a system that assesses an individual’s or a team’s Emotional Intelligence and therefore, their potential for success. It is about adding measurable value by aiding in realizing the full potential of an organization’s human capital.  
As management spans are increasing, jobs require more self management, greater adaptability, and more teamwork. The EBW System provides an individual with a map of behavior to improve their performance.
EBW helps identify
  • Leadership Potential
  • Talent Management
  • Self Awareness and the ability of an individual to develop
  • Management Style and what form is likely to be effective for motivation, delegation, support and discipline
  • Training and development needs 


  1. Quality Performance Research (QPR), Helsinki, Finland (
QPR’s collaborative management tools allow you to generate and extract the information you need to make strategic decisions. QPR collaborative management software tools are more than individual business analysis tools. Common to all user organizations of QPR software is that they lay great emphasis on organizational development and performance management. QPR develops, manufactures, and markets software products that allow organizations to:
  •  Generate and extract the information they need to make strategic decisions.
  • Get and integrated understanding of processes, costs, and performance to help them manage and control their organization.

QPR Products

  1. Termes Partnership, UK (Banking, Finance and Investment Consultants)             (
ICTN's association with The Termes Partnership allows our client to benefit from business consulting in financial services and wealth management. In addition, ICTN clients have access to project management and business analysis skills and experience for any wealth management enterprise contemplating cost-effective, yet highly productive process automation.
The Termes Partnership LLP is an independent business consultancy in the Financial Services sector providing practical support to Wealth Management professionals, senior executives in financial institutions and IT businesses addressing the challenges of:
  • Deploying effective business strategies
  • Implementing Process Automation and Business Process Management systems
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Change management
  • Corporate planning and governance
  • Strategic asset allocation for professional investors
  • Multi-manager selection and monitoring.
Termes is also able to assist with maximizing the effectiveness of marketing and business development initiatives for providers of IT applications targeted at the wealth management and banking sector.
Termes is an ICTN shareholder and partner in the Middle East and North Africa region.
  1. ICTN, New York ( Information and Communication Technology, and Process Reengineering)


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