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Team Management Systems Development International Ltd. (TMSDI), York, UK

ICTN is TMSDI Ltd.’s agent in the Middle East and North Africa region and can accredit individuals and clients as facilitators in the application of these tools. TMSDI and ICTN have partnered to translate the Team Management Profile into Arabic for the Arab world.
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What is Emotional Intelligence?  

Emotional Intelligence is the ability that individuals have to manage both themselves and others. It is about understanding and having an accurate insight into an individual&rsqu o;s motivation to succeed. This includes; understanding the impact of stress and pressure, recognising why people behave the way they do, knowing how to make ‘key’ decisions and to maximise one’s performance. This is the key to human capital management. 
Take a trial questionnaire of Emotions and Behaviors at Work online in English or in Arabic to find out how you score
Until recently the main approaches to assessing and developing human behaviour have been personality questionnaires. However, by using the Emotional Intelligence model, it is possible to assess a person’s ability to manage their personality and behaviour and hence their potential for success in different situations. In today’s business environment what matters is not just a person’s training or their expertise but their people skills and their ability to manage themselves and others. 
Using EBW System to Predict and Develop Potential
The EBW system assesses a person’s Emotional Intelligence by measuring the key behaviour clusters that effect a job or a team performance and a person’s understanding of their behaviour at work.  


Take a trial questionnaire of Emotions and Behaviors at Work online in English or in Arabic to find out how you score.



What is it?
The Diversity Icebreaker is a highly dynamic, deeply involving and marvelously entertaining tool that offers many benefits.
It provides the opportunity to :
1-      Determine your communication style as well as your second and the third level preference in communication
2-      Understand why you may have certain challenges with others and how to communicate effectively with those different styles and preferences.
3-      Create an open space for genuine sharing and cooperation and promotes a third culture in which everyone shares a common language and a common understanding.
4-     Cost-effectively promote interpersonal and interdepartmental communication thus having direct impact on improved performance and productivity.
Diversity Workshops
In the Diversity Icebreaker workshops a collective understanding emerges that Red, Blue and Green are equally important and that people with different color preferences are complementary and need each other to work successfully together. The workshops install trust and curiosity among the participants, and leave each person with a shared understanding that personal ways of thinking about one’s self and the other are important premises for productive interaction. In some organizations these learning points become important factors in order to highlight diversity as a valuable component in the organizational culture. 
Why is diversity important?
... For creativity
It is commonly understood that teams consisting of a diversity of people will be more creative.
...For efficiency
Efficient teams have identified the strengths and weaknesses of their individual members — and increase their efficiency by adapting the assignment of responsibilities and tasks in their work accordingly.
... For acknowledging each others uniqueness
In a team each and every person is preoccupied by seeing themselves in relation to the others. What do I have in common with them — and how am I unique? This is both about belonging to a community — and being clearly different.
... For improved performance and productivity
Participants emerge from this experience with a third culture. This culture is one where they share a common language and a greater appreciation and respect for the differences among them and how these can be turned into strengths. The understanding they gain results in greater cooperation, fewer conflicts and builds a supportive, more productive atmosphere within the organization.
Diversity Icebreaker questionnaire is used worldwide in team development, kick-off seminars, project training, management development programs, change management processes, communication and diversity training. 
Diversity Icebreaker creates a safe psychological climate to share ideas of differences between people, cultures and organizational units. 
Easy to understand for participants 
In the process they learn the concepts, adopt them and develop a positive and shared understanding on how the concepts can be applied 
Scientifically valid and reliable
Developed since 1995, continual ongoing research and ongoing gathering of norms
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