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Anyone Can Consult!

Proven Techniques Help You Become
A Consultant
- Starting From Scratch!

Anyone Can Consult!
By Victor K. Pryles

(About The Author)


No doubt you have heard the old saying that, "it isn't what you know but who you know that's important to success." We are going to prove that is not true. What you know can insure your success in the lucrative arena of Business Consulting.

Just as the title reads, "Anyone Can Consult!" And, I will prove to you that it’s true; anyone (YOU) can consult, using what you already know to help others and make a substantial income!


In other words, if you’re an expert in any field, you can ‘farm out’ your skill and gather increasing amounts of revenue in the process. Your field of knowledge is valuable to some person or company right now! What is your area of expertise?


Car Repair
Employment Homemaking
Food Service
Home Repair


The list is endless. There are hundreds of occupations and fields that can benefit from professional consulting. Yes. . .professional. . . no one knows your job better than you, right? Then who better to become a consultant than you?


The chances are high that you are already doing consulting every day at your place of employment. The only difference is that the "boss" gets the benefit and the money. Do it for yourself and you keep the profits.


Anyone Can Consult teaches you how to define your expertise in your chosen field. Then, shows you how to implement that new found knowledge to establish your very own consulting business.


But, it doesn't end there. Anyone Can Consult includes an extensive 5 part course that teaches you how to research solutions. After all, as a consultant, that is what you will be paid handsomely for... your ability to research solutions.


As if that isn't enough, you will also receive a full list of powerful, up to date resources to help launch your new consultancy practice. The icing on the cake is a series of bonus reports and a sample of the "Creators Consulting Sessions."


Consulting is a booming enterprise, the latest statistics declare it a $40 Billion in US revenue in the year 2001. Twice that figure worldwide! You are entering a field that has metamorphosed into a global requirement for any size business or endeavor.


The need is there. . .the time is now. Imagine yourself in a position of freedom and independence while you greatly influence, direct and help others to succeed. You may not realize it, but I do... Anyone Can Consult!


Start Doing It Now!


Anyone Can Consult!
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P.S.  Remember, this is a Billion dollar industry and growing. Anyone Can Consult...


Victor K. Pryles

Victor K. Pryles is a working consultant in the field of media relations. His company Media Blitz Consulting represents artists in nearly every field of endeavor from painters and actors, to musicians, writers and photographers. His specialties include public relations and broadcasting.

Pryles has been a broadcaster for over 35 years and has programmed radio stations across America. During his career he has created radio formats and managed them at Satellite Music Network and for ABC/Cap Cities. He is currently on the air at WROR and WKLB radio stations, working for Greater Media, Inc. in Boston Massachusetts. He has given a major speech at the annual convention of The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) entitled "A Whole Brain Approach To Radio Programming." He has been a broadcast consultant since 1992 working with client stations around the country advising them on issues from programming, management, sales and promotion. In 1974 he was named Billboard Magazine Personality Of The Year.

Additionally, he presents his famous Creative Pops which are original technologies to spark hidden creativity to a wide audience over the internet. His website Creative Pops.com offers his landmark book "The Secret Creator Within"-23 Ways To Awaken Your Creative Genius. He also writes and edits a weekly newsletter for "creatives" called The Creative Pops Weekly.

As an outgrowth of this book "Anyone Can Consult", he has constructed a complete consulting online course called "The Creators Consulting Sessions". Details about this remarkable, on of a kind workshop are presented in the book.