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Who is ICTN?

 ICTN is an independent Lebanese-based consulting and training organization that takes a holistic approach to management consulting. ICTN has offices in Beirut, Amman and New York as well as agents in the Gulf and North Africa. ICTN has been providing quality management consulting and training solutions to multinational and high profile organizations within the MENA region for over 20 years.

ICTN was founded in 1993 by Fay Niewiadomski, one of the pioneers in education and development in the Middle East with over 30 years of experience in establishing and developing educational and business institutions as well as innovative management programs.
Over the years, ICTN has stayed at the forefront of the management consulting and training industry, and is one of the few companies that uses integrated psychometric and advanced diagnostic tools for organizational development and change management. Our services have one objective, increasing your profitability through Performance Improvement. Our network of regional and international consultants enables us to offer a wide range of consultancy and training services.
We help our clients:
 Our Vision: Making a positive and measurable difference in every life and every business that we work with through our unrelenting commitment to the development of human potential in a dynamically changing world.
Our Mission: Helping our clients become more profitable by developing their people and their systems using integrated solutions and applying the latest international management standards and technologies.
As a people-focused company, we believe that your organization is only as good as the people running it. They are the cornerstone of your business. They drive the processes that create your product / service and serve your customers; and the quality of the product and the standard of the service is what create your profits. Developing your people is the first step to greater profits.
We understand that regardless of your company’s strategy, there is no sustainability without increasing profits. To achieve this objective, ICTN covers every dimension that directly impacts your company’s performance. These indicators are:
  1. Capability of your employees. It’s called the early warning signal – if a company does not have good employees then it’s going nowhere.
  2. Effective internal processes: unhappy customers talk more than the happy ones and sadly, people love to believe the bad news more than the good news. Internal processes are important. Even if the employees are friendly and helpful, when there’s no effective internal processes paving the way for tangible satisfactory results, customers will perceive the company as a friendly zoo!
  3. The driver of healthy financial performance is customer satisfaction. If the customer gets the product or service he asked for, then he’s satisfied. Are your employees and your processes creating the products that make your customers happy? 
  4. Financial performance: Looking at a company’s financial history provides important information on which to base future plans. Analyzing financial figures without looking at other aspects of the organization’s condition is like driving your car while looking only through the rear view mirror. The past does not predict the future. A company needs to keep its eye on several critical indicators that help to anticipate the future and prepare for it.

Our commitment to you and the benefits we deliver:

  • Make immediate and long term improvements in the effectiveness of your operations, saving time and money, while increasing customer satisfaction – (shorten the time, reduce the cost, improve the presentation of the product or the service, etc.)
  • Benefit from internationally acclaimed instruments and methods to identify key people and deploy a successful organizational development strategy.
  • Be ready to face future challenges through succession planning and leadership development programs. Without effective managers and leaders, growth and expansion is limited.
  • Build a strong corporate culture through effective internal communication using powerful discussion tools and a 'common managerial language'. Internal communication campaigns and team building programs make a real difference.
  • Keep in touch with and benefit from the latest methods and technologies for proven effectiveness in performance management. Consider the automated Balanced Scorecard or 360˚ feedback tools and methods.
  • Retain 'star performers' through career planning and cost-effective reward management systems. Compensation and benefits surveys, strategic reward management and creative approached to personal development could make the difference you need.
  • Enhance your corporate image with a suitable Quality Management program using the most advanced methods for documentation and process improvement. (ISO, SIX SIGMA and CPI with Process Guide are just a few of the options open to you.)
  • Ensure a significant return on your training investment by taking advantage of ICTN’s custom-built training and development programs.
  • Look before your leap and increase your chances for success by leaning on ICTN Research team for services such as - Feasibility Studies, Market Research, Mystery Shopper Programs, Salary Surveys, Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys and many others) .



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