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Arab Bank


Project Type: Inhouse Training

Description: * Fadi Hatoum (Branch Manager), "Excellent trainer Mrs. Fay. Thank you everything was very useful."

Fady Hatoum

Al-Bonian Group


Project Type: Public Workshops

Description: * El-chami (VP Operations - Al-Bonian Group), "Thank you, the practical exercises on the internet were very helpful." * Rima Baz (Head of Non Credit Products - Byblos Bank), "This program was useful in all its aspects. It helped me think out of the box." * Haneen Sukkariah (Marketing Analyst & Brand Coordinator - Ameicana), "This was a very useful program because we could apply directly what we are learning."




Project Type: Public Workshops

Description: * Ghada Mallot (Brand Manager - Mersaco), "This showed us tools to use to monitor the market and to validate our 'assumptions'. It was very concise and each topic of this training would be good in a full day training." * Sarah Saade (Brand Manager - M. Nassif & Fils), "It was a very interesting training. The quality of information, new links to use and all the examples.. I wish the training was longer because there is lots of information that can be helpful. This was very relevant for me." * Nathalie Atameh (Brand Manager - M. Nassif & Fils), "The most useful part of the training for me was the 21 examples from ICTN."

Ghada Mallot

Rasamny Younis Motor Company (RYMCO)



Project Type: Programs

Description: * Tania Sabbagh (HR Manager - Rasamny Younis Motor Company), "The most useful parts for me were the Job Analysis exercises, all the interventions and the examples given by the trainer." * Nadine Salman (Corporate Administration Manager - Rymco), "This was very useful, specifically being able to conduct our own Job Analysis and then reviewing it with the trainer. The trainer was good she also gave us recommendations on actions to take based on our questions."

Tania Sabbagh

Al-Bonian Group


Project Type: Public Workshops

Description: * Karim Kawaugi (MIS Consultant - Abed Tahan, (This gave me new software that can be used to save money because now I can do tasks that we used to outsource." * Bashir Barrage (Business Analyst - Fransabank Sal), "The information in the program was a big 'eye-opener' to big opportunities." * Carol Samara (Delivery Solutions Provider - Aramex), "This gave me many tools and software that I can use for my company without having to pay someone from outside to do the work." * Karen Khoury (PR & Communications Manager - Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon), "The online market research tools were the most useful to me. Thank you." * Vanessa Ghassoub (Owner & Dietitian of Svelte Healthy Living), "The most useful thing for me was the clarification, the ease of understanding the information and the content was practical. Great group, thank you for your time." * Teddy Tawil (Online Marketing Executive - Mike Sports), "Everything was useful. Especially the new softwares, the webpages and programs for monitoring the market. thank you and keep up the good work. I will see you for the next session on the 23rd."




Project Type: Accreditations

Description: "THANK YOU Fay, I do appreciate the professional relationship we have as you are a role model I look up to, a mentor I listen to & a leader I respect. Thank you again & wishing you the best, Lama Mazahreh HR Manager Pepsico

Lama Mazahreh

Management & Leadership Intervation


Project Type: Team Building

Description: * Aysil Tokcan (Legal Counsel), "Thank you Fay, you used the time efficiently, met our needs and kept attention focused." * Annabelle Harfouche (HR Director), "It was most useful to hear what was said by the team during the discussion to understand our different perceptions. We need to plan for a longer seminar next time." * Mohammed Samir (Medical Director), "It was an eye-opener and a reminder of our weaknesses." Huzur Devietsah (GM of NEG), "The most useful aspects of the training were understanding the preferences if dufferent rteam members, identifying the gap areas in order to become a more high performing team."

Zabbat Group (Zabbat SARL, Dome Ltd. and modeinvest)


Project Type: Leadership and Management

Description: “We have worked with Fay and her team to help our management staff adjust to a significant change in the organization structure and to align with the new corporate strategies and goals. The results were excellent and beyond our expectations! Our management team – and one level below- have learned to better communicate with each other, started to engage in a process of personal development and have for the most part been able to reach the level expected from them by the company. From the senior management standpoint, working with Fay has enabled us to have a much clearer view of the organizational strengths and weaknesses, and identify priority areas to address to enable the implementation of the company’s strategies” Zabbat Group, CEO

Memac Ogilvy



Project Type: Public Workshops

Description: * Tatiana Hayek (HR Manager - Memac Ogilvy), "The most useful parts were the group participation and the guidelines we got. Everything was useful and interesting." * Tania Raad (Recruitment Specialist - BankMed), "The presentation, the guidelines and working together with others in the workshop really made this useful to my job." * Layal Aouad (Recruitment Specialist - Azadea Group), "Everything was useful, specially the group participation and having all the guidelines to take back and use in my job."

Tatiana Hayek




Project Type: Public Workshops

Description: * Jessie Merchef (Recruitment Assistant - Indevco), "This workshop helped me to be more professional, more organized in my job and to know the best way to communicate inside and outside of our company." * Rima Helwe(OE- Indevco), " All parts of this training were useful. The advantage of this training is taht the facilitator is an Administrative Assistant to the CEO and sahe know all the real life issues has goood knowledge in this doemain and gave useful examples from her own experience."

Jessie Merchef - Rima Helwe

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