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Our Team: ICTN Trainers and Consultants
Marie-Louise Selwan

Name & area of specialty:
Marie Louise Selwan
Overall years of experience:
5 years

Coming from a strong marketing, sales, human resources & customer service background, and having a wide range of experience in different domains, it all helped her build very strong leadership skills and management techniques which she has applied in the various fields she worked in.
Having a determined and strong personality, a practical, logical and realistic mind along with an excellent outstanding analysis capability and problem solving skills, she has always been an inquisitive, creative, innovative and resourceful person. She is very approachable with excellent communication and presentation skills.
The ability to communicate with people at all levels either in general or within the organization has enabled her to adapt to any kind of environment with ease and comfort. 
Training, Consultancy, Teaching or Facilitation experience
  • ISO 9000 (Bureau Veritas)
  • Wonder Assistant (WUP)
  • Raving Fans & Customer Service (Starmanship)
  • Perfume & Skin Care       (Kenzo Parfums – Paris)
  • Selling Techniques   (Kenzo Parfums – Paris)
  • Train The Trainer     (Kenzo Parfums – Paris)
  • Customer Satisfaction – Handling Objections   (Kenzo Parfums – Paris)
  • The Skin – Skin Care Products (Sales Techniques- (Nuxe Paris)
  • Risk Management & Competency Based Talent Manager (CSP)
  • 13 competencies of Highly Effective Leaders (ICTN)
  • How to Thrive not just Survive (ICTN)
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