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ICTN's Consulting services offer powerful approaches to productivity improvement. These approaches incorporate the use of enabling tools that greatly accelerate the adaptation to change, personal, team and organizational development as well as performance management.

When you want to launch a new project, increase the efficiency of your operation, generate more income, or simply grow your business, you need an objective and resourceful ally.

ICTN is that ally.

ICTN will work with you to identify exactly what needs to be done. A project team will be formed and will work in close collaboration with you until you and your staff are fully confident of success.

Our network of regional and international consultants enables us to offer a wide range of consultancy services. These include: Management Consultancy, Human Capital Management, Set-up of Internal Training Centers, Organizational Development, Efficiency and Cost Containment, Quality Management, Sales and Marketing, Communication Strategy, Copywriting and Research.

In this web site ICTN:

  •  Outlines the scope of its consulting services,
  • Introduces you to the wide range of internationally recognized resources that we are able to place at your disposal for assured results, and
  • Identifies all the ways in which we can contribute to increasing your productivity and therefore improving financial performance.

One of our Account Managers will be pleased to call on you for an introductory visit without obligation. All you have to do is call us.

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