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Speak with Conviction & Persuasive Power

Communication and Media

Offered on Demand
Duration: Bite Size PM

Workshop Description

Speak with Conviction & Persuasive Power

“Bite-Size” workshops are three (3) hours long and designed to provide the maximum value in the minimum time.

One of the most valuable management skills is an ability to communicate effectively. This is particularly important when giving a speech or presentation or even just tying to get ‘your’ idea accepted by others. Even though some people are born with the required characteristics of a good speaker, effective presentation and persuasion skills can be easily acquired through proper training and experience.
This workshop is specifically designed to enable you to:

  • Speak with passionate conviction and persuasive skill.
  • Achieve the objectives of your presentation every time.

This workshop will allow you to improve your speaking and persuasive skills, and achieve the objectives of your presentation every time.

Designed for

This workshop will benefit publix speakers, trainers, managers, sales team members.

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Speak with Conviction and Persuasive Power



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