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Power Presentations & Charismatic Public Speaking: Insight 7 ™ with DI

Communication and Media

Start Date: 2/6/2014
End Date: 4/6/2014
Duration: 3 Days 9 AM - 5 PM Certification

Workshop Description

Power Presentations & Charismatic Public Speaking

Insight 7 with DI

 Including Videographer and Personal DVD Feedback


What does it cost you in revenue when your organizational, sales, product or service message is not understood? How many opportunities have you lost because you were unable to capture attention and gain the interest of the audience?   How much would you gain if your audience understood your message immediately?  How would your reputation, the value and benefits of your service and product offerings improve by the ability to present information in a dynamic, powerful and unforgettable manner?

One of the most valuable management skills is an ability to communicate effectively. This means that when “the stakes are high and the moment is brief” you can capture the prize.  This is particularly important when giving a speech or presentation. Even though you may be born with the required characteristics of a good speaker, effective presentation skills can be easily acquired through proper training and experience.

Designed for

Power Presentation & Charismatic Public Speaking is beneficial to every individual who wishes to improve his/her presentation skills for personal and professional use.

What you will learn
By the end of this workshop you will be able to:
•    Identify and analyze your audience.
•    Bring your general and specific objectives into sharp focus.
•    Prepare thoroughly for the presentation.
•    Calm down through relaxation exercises.
•    Effectively organize your visual aids. 
•    Prepare the layout of the room for maximum effect.
•    Speak with passionate conviction and persuasive skill.
•    Achieve the objectives of your presentation every time.

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