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30 Seconds Power Presentations

Communication and Media

Offered on Demand
Duration: Bite Size AM

Workshop Description

 30 Second Power Presentations

“Bite-Size” workshops are three (3) hours long and designed to provide the maximum value in the minimum time.

In this age of high-tech, high-speed communication, it could be easy to assume that the need for powerful, effective face-to-face contact has diminished. That assumption would be wrong. Email, faxes, websites, cell phones and voice mail are no substitute for an engaging, persuasive, personal presentation. Whether for an audience of five or fifty or five hundred, if important decisions or big money are on the table, you must deliver your message in person and you must deliver it well.



We have approximately 30 Seconds (if we are lucky) to capture the attention of our audience.  Whether the audience is one person, a few people or a large group - if you do not capture their attention, they will not listen.

This workshop is designed to help you learn how to capture attention and thereby, better guarantee you achieve your objective.

Designed for

Anyone who works in sales, marketing, or any other position that requires you to influence other people.

What you will learn
  • Improve your face-to-face presentation skills with personal training that truly focuses on your purpose.
  • Run` a room, working with individuality and style. Rather than learning how to present properly, learn how to engage the audience.
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