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Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Leadership, Management and Administration

Start Date: 9/7/2014
End Date: 11/7/2014
Duration: 3 Days 9 AM - 5 PM Certification

Workshop Description

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders ICTN is the only accredited provider of the ‘Emotions and Behaviors at Work’ Profile. A Fay Niewiadomski Signature Program


Personal Emotions and Behaviors at Work (EBW)Profile included in the program



How would your workplace or organization be affected if the employees and managers don’t work effectively together? What if your business could be more successful if you just invest in better people management skills? Using emotional intelligence would help colleagues and employees perform better and experience higher levels of motivation.   It has become an accepted principle of modern management that EQ (emotional intelligence) is more important than IQ. Make sure that your managers use emotions to grow rather than destroy your business.

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This workshop will provide the opportunity for you to identify, understand and manage your emotions and relationships more productively.

Designed for

This workshop is designed for coaches, managers and human resources practitioners and professionals who wish to understand how to manage themselves and their teams to understand the impact of emotions at work and how to leverage everyone’s full potential.   

What you will learn

On a personal level, this counseling workshop will give participants a good understanding of how they rank in the eight emotional and behavioral areas. It will also provide participants with a framework for improvement and development.

On an organizational level, EBW can be applied in many areas such as:
•    Coaching and Counseling Framework
•    Recruitment and Retention
•    Building Teams
•    Assessing Potentials of Managers and Leaders

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