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Lebanese Labor Law, Social Security and Taxation


Offered on Demand
Duration: 2 Days 9 AM - 5 PM Certification

Workshop Description

Lebanese Labor Law, Social Security & Taxation

The Lebanese Labor Law, Social Security and Personal Taxation will make each individual on asonal and on a professional level, define what are his rights and obligations toward his/her professional career (as an employer and or as an employee). Financially, how much would a labor law lawsuit in Lebanon cost you? What source can you trust to remain up to date on labor law changes? Who is eligible for what? What is the difference in hiring a local or a foreigner? What is the minimum required by law? How can you protect yourself financially and legally? How can you minimize confusion betweennemployee’s expectations and reality? etc.




The objective of this workshop is to understand, be aware and to know perfectly well the rights and obligations and to always act within the scope of law avoiding any hurtful legal or negative financial consequences.

Designed for


All active persons and companies who are willing to evolve and to act within the scope of Law. Also CEOs and CFOs of all types of companies.


What you will learn


By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Get knowledgeable of your rights on the Labor Law level, towards the Social Security and the Ministry of Finance.
  • Know how to always act within the scope of Law and protect yourself and your organization.
  • Become an interactive person and a decision maker, using facts and figures legally.
  • Claim legally and effectively your rights and the rights of the company you represent.
  • Get all your rights from public and private institutions even when you think that you might not have dues.
  • Use properly the added value learned within your organization.
  • Deal with Social Security matters, knowing its branches, the contributions to be made, and the benefits to be received.
  • Recognize and understand the principles, the obligations, and the method of calculation of Personal Income Tax.
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