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The Body Never Lies - Body Language for Career Success

Communication and Media

Offered on Demand
Duration: 1 Day 9 AM - 5 PM Certification

Workshop Description

Advanced Body Language 
(Nonverbal Communication Skills for Greater Understanding)

Nonverbal communication is the doorway to the subconscious mind where a lot more than meets the eye is going on. We commonly refer to nonverbal communication ass BODY LANGUAGE.

What is your body language saying about you? What is body language saying about others? Do you want to read people’s real and true emotions, feelings and thoughts? 
Masterful communication is a life skill and a key ingredient for professional success. People cannot live without each other; we are social beings. As soon as we are in contact with others we are communicating. Moreover, more than 80% of our communication has nothing to do with the words we use. We mistakenly believe that people really ‘understand’ when we use spoken and written language. However, more often than not people do not get the message we thought we had communicated.


This workshop will allow participants to observe body language, analyze it, link it to verbal communication to better understand people around them, be better communicators and leaders by providing them with complete set of techniques and knowledge to do so.

Designed for

This workshop will benefit every single person who wants to explore in depth good communication and body language skills. The impact will resonate on a personal and professional level and will empower you to move to move to an upper level in both life and career.

What you will learn

• Create greater awareness of nonverbal communication
• Recognize the differences between male and female gestures
• Apply body language knowledge to improve your communication
• Get to know the 5 styles of handshakes and what they mean
• Understand the impact of space in a conversation
• Understand the nuances of body language from a range of areas including your face,    hands,arms, legs, and posture
• Use mirroring and matching techniques to build rapport
• Discover ways of projecting greater personal power
• Learn how to tell if people are being truthful How to use our body language to subconsciously gain desired results.
• Dress for success

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