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Finance for Non-Financial Managers - Part 2

Finance, Accounting and IT

Offered on Demand
Duration: 2 Days 9 AM - 5 PM Certification

Workshop Description

 Finance for Non-Financial Managers - Part 2


Today, you cannot move up if you do not speak the language of Finance. Win the confidence and trust of your CEOs and CFOs by talking to them as an equal when it comes to Finance.



What if a manager doesn’t know how to read and understand a balance sheet and a cash flow statement? Managers do not need to be experts, but knowing how expenditure affects each of the profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet is crucial for managers to meet their performance targets. Today, how would Non-Financial Managers influence your company if they don’t possess the knowledge of key financial concepts? The workplace is an ever evolving environment and this requires the creation of synergy between the finance department and non-finance departments, so that shared business objectives and drivers can be communicated effectively.  


This is a modularized program with total duration of six days, and is broken down into two modules of three days each. This programme will comprise a mixture of lectures, questions and answer sessions, practical exercises and illustrations. It gives you the opportunity to know how to justify a request, quantify your contributions to the company and spot profit drains immediately. Because whether you`re a wizard of finance or a non-financial manager, performance is measured the same way—in currencies!


ICTN’s training programs focus not only on the essential skills but on the overall attitude of those who must apply these skills to guarantee organizational success.  You can teach your people, BUT, you cannot make them want to apply the acquired skills on a daily basis.   This is why ICTN pays great attention to the psychology of your employees; because we know that this is the trigger that motivates employees to WANT to apply the skills they have learned.




This workshop provides managers with the awareness and understanding of the ways finance affects their business objectives. The participants will get familiar with the form, content and analysis of financial statements and the main accounting principles and techniques. Participants will be in a position to communicate comfortably with Financial Executives.

Designed for


Professionals in any industry that have no previous or little education in Finance but realise that they need practical tools to help them understand and interpret financial information, will find this course not only pleasant but extremely useful as well.

What you will learn


 The participants will be able to:

  • Identify the main sources of financial information concerning your own company and your competitors.
  • Understand and interpret key financial information.
  • Understand the differences between cash flow, revenue and capital budgets.
  • Optimize your use of working capital.
  • Analyze variances in budgets and take remedial action.
  • Distinguish between short-term and long-term financial decisions.
  • Perform confidently in a financial environment.
  • Enable participants to obtain an in-depth insight into more advanced financial topics such as company valuations
  • Help in acquiring skills for participating fully in investment appraisal decisions and key strategic issues in financial management.  

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