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Corporate Governance & Risk Management


Start Date: 5/10/2015
End Date: 9/10/2015
Duration: 5 Days 9 AM - 5 PM Certification

Workshop Description

Corporate Governance & Risk Management

Did you know that good corporate governance is often associated with trust and a high level of confidence in an organization? What do you do to ensure transparency in the corporate communication with stakeholders? Corporate governance too often comes at the center of discussions when large scandals are revealed when it is often too late. This workshop is about conducting an organization with fairness and integrity and by being responsible towards all stakeholders.



 This workshop is designed to fully familiarize the members of an organization’s Board of Directors with the major concepts related to Good Corporate Governance & Risk Management.

Designed for

 This workshop is addressed to the members of the board of directors, potential investors and investors, lawyers and regulators.

What you will learn

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

• Understand the current state and direction of best practices in corporate governance
• Implementing and embedding best practices within the organization /institution
• Structure board committees, institutional policies and procedures to conform to the requirements of local authorities as well as international requirements and expectations
• Communicate governance procedures to outside stakeholders including shareholders, governments and communities
• Implementing governance directives within the management of the institution and from there throughout the business
• Analyzing the cost and how to identify and maximize the financial benefit from improved corporate governance and procedures
• Determine means of enhancing the board’s awareness of, and debating the appropriateness and scale of deployment of a dedicated risk management regime within the organization 
• The current state and direction of best practices in Risk Management.
• Structuring the audit committee, institutional policies and procedures to conform to relevant business requirements and the expectations of the market, the regulators and your customers.
• Communicating risk management procedures to staff and outside stakeholders; mainly shareholders, creditors and regulators.
• Implementing/formalizing risk management directives and functions within the management of the institution
• Analyzing the cost and how to identify and maximize the financial benefit from improved risk management and procedures.
• Maintaining the business’s operational and financial integrity in the event of natural or manmade crises that destroy, disable or deny access to the primary systems and records of the business and its channels of communication with its customers and other stakeholders. 

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