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Team Membership & Team Leadership with TMP: Pillar 7™ Part of The 12 Pillars of Management Certified by IBHE- Illinois Board of Higher Education

Leadership, Management and Administration

Start Date: 14/7/2015
End Date: 15/7/2015
Duration: 2 Days 9 AM - 5 PM Certification

Workshop Description

Team Membership & Team Leadership with TMP: Pillar 7™

Part of The 12 Pillars of Management
Certified by IBHE - Illinois Board of Higher Education

Are you behaving as a group or as a team? Are relationships at work conflictual? Are you able to join forces to achieve objectives? “82% of white-collar professionals reported they needed to partner with others throughout the day to get their work done”! What does that say about collaboration? How much will your organization gain if you can build and maintain high levels of personal, team and organizational performance? What makes the difference when creating a team that is consistently high out- performing all the others and another team that is average at best?


This Team Membership and Team Leadership Workshop aims to provide both the principles and the tools for creating clearly structured and effective teams working towards a common goal with or a permanent leader.

Designed for

This workshop is addressed to leaders who have the responsibility for selecting members, coordinating efforts, and providing the leadership to achieve goals.

What you will learn

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

• Explain the difference between a group and a team
• Build a team from a group
• Recognize situations that call for team rather than group behavior
• Identify the different types of teams 
• Understand and apply Followership Techniques
• Understand and apply Lleadership Ttechniques
• Understand and apply principles for successful “Leaderless Teams”
• Adapt the leadership styles to different situations 
• Enjoy the personal and organizational rewards of team behavior
• Communicate effectively and support teams in resolving conflicts

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