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Gem 5: Training and Development- Testing, Training Needs Analysis, Plans and Career Development

Human Resources

Start Date: 17/6/2015
End Date: 19/6/2015
Duration: 3 Days 9 AM - 5 PM Certification

Workshop Description

Training and Development: Gem 5™
Testing, Training Needs Analysis, Plans and Career Development

Part of the 8 Gems of HCBP
Certified by IBHE  - Illionois Board of Higher Education


If you planted a field of wheat, walked away and came back in a year expecting to harvest a good crop you would be sorely disappointed. You might say: “But no one in his / her right mind would do that!”

When it comes to developing people that is exactly what many companies do. They expect that engagement, commitment and personal development will just happen.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, this is a high risk policy! Successful companies need to keep ahead of their competitors - resilient staff and management who are interested in continuous learning and development are an essential part of that success.


 Training programs regularly lead to more problems than solutions. Instructors or managers engaged in training needs analysis are at the heart of the decision-making process for selecting and designing effective training programs. This workshop demonstrates how to identify the specific and relevant training needs and how to incorporate these findings into an effective training program for career development.

Designed for

 8 Gems of HCBP is targeted to all Human Capital/Resource Professionals, Managers, Supervisors, and Assistants and/or to business people who are responsible for the organization’s Human Capital. The 8 Gems are also targeted to those who are planning to develop their career in Human Capital Management as well as line managers who wish to be outstanding people managers.

What you will learn

 By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Conduct training needs assessment and analysis
  • Understand the various types of testing
  •  Design and develop successful training programs
  • Develop a high performing workforce 
  • Evaluate and validate your training programs
  • Relate training to business performance
  • Understand the career development process

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