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Hands on Management: How to be the Boss Your Employees Need

Leadership, Management and Administration

Offered on Demand
Duration: 3 Days 9 AM - 5 PM

Workshop Description

Hands on Management: How to be the Boss Your Employees Need

Are you respected and valued by your employees? Are you effective in managing your staff? Do you have good communication skills with your employees? How can you get your employees to trust you, respect your competence and feel that can truly depend on you? Are you the ‘role model’ that inspires your employees at work?



This workshop will explore the practical psychology of how to be a better boss to your employees. Someone they can look up to and consider as a role model in business ethics and management. It will also boost your confidence in resolving work related problems, and enable you to make a genuine and positive difference to your organization and to the people you manage.

Designed for

This workshop will benefit managers, company owners and supervisors.

What you will learn
  • Applying good work ethics when dealing with employees
  • Knowing how to communicate with impact when talking to your employees
  • Taking your management skills to an even higher level
  • Understanding how to be a good role model at work and how to demonstrate decisiveness
  • Evaluating employees and targeting good ones for growth and retention
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