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Workforce Facilities Management Techniques- Objective Business Development (OBD)

Leadership, Management and Administration

Start Date: 26/2/2015
End Date: 27/2/2015
Duration: 2 Days 9 AM - 5 PM Certification

Workshop Description

Workforce Facilities Management Techniques
Objective Business Development (OBD)


Best Practices in Work Place Services Management & Getting to grips with office facilities.


Importance of office area up keeping to the success of a business in an organization has never been greater than today for the reason of demanding customers and market competition. Although facilities management function continues to evolve, as do the range of responsibilities and the methods employed to deliver services, responsibility for office services is often shared and / or given low priority, with the result that efficiency and cost-saving opportunities are lost.


Facility management (or facilities management or FM) is an interdisciplinary field devoted to the coordination of space, infrastructure, people and organization, often associated with the administration of office blocks, arenas, schools, convention centers, shopping complexes, hospitals, hotels, etc. However, FM facilitates on a wider range of activities than just business services and these are referred to as non-core functions.


Program objective is to convey the process of managing facilities in all its complexity with sufficient details, so to allow the participant to gain a realistic grasp of contemporary facilities management policies and practices

  • A basic Understanding of business building/office services and a view of role & responsibilities of FM function

  • An appreciation of health and safety requirements, importance and benefits of good Facilities Management

  • An update on current best practice in FM, fire, security and emergency planning

  • Awareness of safety compliance issues, risk management and organizational context in which FM function operates

  • Maximize occupant comfort, satisfaction and wellbeing

  • Optimize cost and value, Tips on cost-saving opportunities through FM

  • Practices that add value and contribute to the success of business – Service Support

  • Provide strategies for continuous improvement and sustainable operation

  • Reduce operating cost, energy use, carbon emissions and environmental impact

  • Selection and management of suppliers, guidance on space audits and relocation projects


Designed for

Entire FM team/s can get benefit from this =2= days’ workshop, for other organizations or businesses; program benefits will be more towards office managers, administration managers, HR managers, health and safety managers, bursars, etc.

Training program is also for building services & estate managers, very useful opportunity for personnel who wants to get benefit from an insight into FM function or service, e.g., procurement, commercial, contracts, accounts and project management 

What you will learn

By end of this workshop, participants will learn tools & techniques to develop their own effective facilitation style, understand how to motivate different people, learn how to facilitate productive discussion, and reach agreement on action.

From this interactive workshop participants will develop skills to think clearly and creatively, and work together productively and will be able to:

  • Analysis – analyze, define and validate systems that support office environment
  • Building science – demonstrate working knowledge of building science and relationships across disciplines
  • Business support skills – use accounting, budgeting, real cost, cost effectiveness and life-cycle cost to develop an audit
  • Communications – utilize effective communication techniques to facilitate all aspects of sustainable building management.
  • Critical thinking – identify, analyze and solve problems
  • Leadership – develop and lead a team of various personalities and skills to develop office environment
  • Operations & Maintenance – understand and analyze building profiles and identify opportunities for improving performance
  • Project Management – deliver solutions from analysis to maintain office decor
  • Social value, ethics and need – create and maintain a professional environment based on values and ethics.
  • Systems – understand operations and systems unique to sustainable buildings
  • Team skills – work in a team and know how to collaborate, build functional work groups and take responsibility for outcomes
  • Technical – measure, diagnose and understand building system interactions



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