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The Psychology of Interpersonal Communication

Communication and Media

Offered on Demand
Duration: Bite Size

Workshop Description

The Psychology of Interpersonal Communication

“Bite-Size” workshops are three (3) hours long and designed to provide the maximum value in the minimum time.

Our communication style is affected by our beliefs, values and attitudes. This means that our actions and behaviors are influenced by our unique internal system of intrapersonal dynamics; in others words, by what’s going on inside each one of us. Interpersonal communication is the interaction between individuals and it is woven through every aspect of our lives. Successful communicators need to understand how the way they communicate with themselves drives the quality of their communication with others.

Some of the areas we will explore are personality differences, ego-states and the impact of our thoughts, perceptions and emotions on the quality of our communication both with ourselves and with others.

This workshop will cover the below topics:

  • Intrapersonal Dynamics and Self- awareness
  • Interpersonal Dynamics and Self- awarenes
  • Interpersonal Skills and Practice

ICTN’s training programs focus not only on the essential skills but on the overall attitude of those who must apply these skills to guarantee organizational success. You can teach your people, BUT, you cannot make them want to apply the acquired skills on a daily basis. This is why ICTN pays great attention to the psychology of your employees; because we know that this is the trigger that motivates employees to WANT to apply the skills they have learned.




This workshop will allow to understand yourself and the interaction between the intra and interpersonal aspects of individuals to enjoy and use better and healthier communication methods.

Designed for

This workshop will benefit sales people, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are seeking to improve their communication skills.

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