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Emotions and Behaviors at Work

Leadership, Management and Administration

Offered on Demand
Duration: 1 Day 9 AM - 5 PM

Workshop Description

Emotions and Behaviors at Work

Have you ever wondered how others view your leadership style? Have you ever asked why you get the results you do and how to change the results you don’t like, while enhancing the ones you do?

Find out how the dynamic between Decisiveness, Motivation and Influence impacts your leadership and management behaviors. Do you take fast action? Is action or control more important to you? Do you sometimes delay action to ensure you get the outcome that you want? Has this cost you lost opportunities? How has this affect ted your relationships with others?

On a scale of 1 to 10, where are you when it comes to Adaptability, Conscientiousness, Empathy, Stress Resilience and Self Awareness?

Why don’t you find out with the EBW Profile (Emotions and Behaviors at Work) and gain insights that can change your life - “Understand the Impact and Reach your Full Potential.”

It is now widely accepted that EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is more important than IQ (Intellectual Intelligence) in determining success in life.

How can you get the answers to unlocking your full potential?

  1. Invest 20 minutes to respond to an online questionnaire - the EBW (Emotions and Behaviors at Work)
  2. Attend a brief workshop at which time you will receive your confidential EBW Profile Report.
  3. Learn how to earn the admiration and recognition of others by understanding the implications of your feedback scores.
  4. Identify the behaviors you need to manage for greater personal satisfaction.

N.B. You won’t have to share your report with anyone unless you choose to do so.

  1. Participate in an open discussion and explore many examples that clarify the meaning of the feedback report and its implications for you.
  2. Identify the opportunities for future personal development.



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