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How Can Doctors Promote Themselves Without Advertising?

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

Offered on Demand
Duration: Bite Size

Workshop Description

How Doctors Promote Themselves Without Advertising?


“Bite-Size” workshops are three (3) hours long and designed to provide the maximum value in the minimum time.

How can a doctor promote himself when the competition is fierce? How can you gain exposure and market your practice when you’re not allowed to advertise? How can you turn unsatisfied patients into loyal patients and advocates who trust and respect your practice and recommend it to family and friends?
This workshop covers:

  1. Words-of-mouth :
  • Satisfying the unhappy patient
  • Statistics & Important facts
  • How to CARE for your patient
  • 8 Commandments of Superior patient Service & Retention
  • Doctor, are you listening to me?
  • The consequences of poor communication
  • Mistakes in doctor-patient communication
  • Empathy
  1. Volunteer
  2. Relationship with colleagues
  3. Media interviews
  4. Promotional Ideas
  5. Stay up to date

This workshop will provide doctors with promotional tools without using advertising to gain exposure and expand customer`s based.

Designed for

Thi workshop will benefit doctors and  physicians from different ages and levels seeking to promote their businesses.

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