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How to Develop, Write and Present Persuasive Proposals™

Business Development

Offered on Demand
Duration: 3 Days 9 AM - 5 PM Certification

Workshop Description

How to Develop, Write and Present Persuasive Proposals™

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What Is It About?

Every individual in any type of business, industry or position needs to communicate a message to the surrounding people. The general purpose of any proposal is to persuade the readers to do something – whether it is to persuade a potential customer to purchase goods or services, or to persuade your employer to fund a project or to implement a program that you would like to launch. Any proposal offers a plan to fill a need and your reader will evaluate your plan according to how well your written presentation answers questions like What you are proposing, How you plan to do it, When you plan to do it, and about How Much it is going to cost. Proposals are informative and persuasive writings because they attempt to educate the reader and to convince that reader to take action.

Program Content:

This program presents recommendations vs. proposals. It talks about the different types of proposals and the right choice of proposal format. It takes you through the different steps of writing a persuasive proposal from the cover letter, the title, the summary, the introduction, to structuring the body of your proposal. It explains the processes of identifying needs and creating new ones. It also supplies you with other effective sales principles.

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This program will help you understand that the goal of the writer is not only to persuade the reader to do what is being requested but also to make the reader believe that the solution is practical and appropriate.

Designed for

This program is targeted to all individuals at all organizational levels because writing an effective proposal is beneficiary in the business world as well as in all social interrelations.

What you will learn
  • Understand the basic format of a proposal
  • Analyze the situation requiring a proposal
  • Understand the purpose of a proposal
  • Make a clear, concise statement of the problem
  • Build your case by demonstrating logic and reason in the approach taken in the solution
  • Present facts in logical order to lead inevitably to the conclusion and/or the solution presented
  • Present evidence in a descending order of importance
  • Give a comprehensive conclusion to the proposal
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