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How to Develop, Write and Present Marketing Plans™

Business Development

Offered on Demand
Duration: 3 Days 9 AM - 5 PM Certification

Workshop Description

How to Develop, Write and Present Marketing Plans™



Complete the Manager`s Toolkit

and better guarantee your organization`s success.

7 Programs (USA International Certification)




If you are a business owner, a business manager, or going into business for the first time, you will at some point need to develop a marketing plan. Your marketing plan requires a fair amount of study and analysis on your part. Here is where you find out who is out there, what the competition offers and what they don’t offer, whether or not your product or service will outsell the competition, and what unique selling advantage (USA) you have over your competitors.

Program Content:

  1. The Marketing Plan (Introduction)
  2. The Marketing Audit
  3. Set Marketing Objectives
  4. Distribution, Promotion and Budgets
  5. Writing the Marketing Plan
  6. Presentation of the Marketing Plan

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This is where you specify what the aims are of your marketing department. This program will provide new skills and improve existing skills which will ensure that your marketing plan will effectively improve the results of your organization.

Designed for
  • Small business owners
  • Anyone contemplating a new business venture
  • Business Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Anyone involved in developing business projects, services or products within their organization
What you will learn
  • how to - Identify your marketing objectives
  • how to - Turn those objectives into strategies
  • how to - Set budgets
  • how to - Write and present your marketing plan
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