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How to Develop, Write and Present Feasibility Plans™

Business Development

Offered on Demand
Duration: 3 Days 9 AM - 5 PM Certification

Workshop Description

How to Develop, Write and Present Feasibility Studies


Complete the Manager`s Toolkit and

better guarantee your organization`s success.

7 Programs (USA International Certification



If you are a business owner, a business manager, or going into business for the first time, you will at some point have a new business idea. Alternately, you may want to accept a request or tender for a new product or service. You may want to start implementing your new project right away.

The problem with this is that a failure can be very costly in terms of time spent or money invested/borrowed. The best intermediate step is to perform a feasibility study. The feasibility study is intended to help you decide whether or not to start funding or implementing your new project.

This program explains essential rules and strategies that you will need in order to develop and perform a complete feasibility study.

Program Content:

  1. Feasibility Study defined
  2. Parts of a Feasibility Study
  3. The Project Idea
  4. Market Research and Analysis
  5. Business Environment Analysis
  6. Strategy Analysis
  7. Technical Analysis
  8. Management
  9. Risk Analysis
  10. Financial Analysis
  11. Conclusion Section
  12. Executive Summary
  13. Appendix Section
  14. Practical Tips

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The purpose of performing a systematic feasibility study is to make sure you analyze an idea or proposal fully. This program will help you take a reduced or calculated risk with your time and money.

Designed for

Small business owners, anyone contemplating a new business venture, business managers, anyone involved in developing business projects within their organization.

What you will learn

This program with clear and easy-to-use guidelines will help you:

  • Perform your study step by step
  • Think through your strategies and balance your enthusiasm with facts and risks
  • Capture and hold the interest of potential investors
  • Develop a realistic idea of the risks involved and the payback period
  • Write a feasibility study that can be easily turned into a Business Plan
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