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8 Gems of Human Capital Management (HCM)™

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Workshop Description

8 Gems of Human Capital Management™

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The 8 Gems of HCM consist of 8 very practical workshops designed to get individuals ready to handle the various aspects of professional HR management. Each of the eight workshops brings not only understanding on the conceptual level but offers first-hand applications in the practical skills for putting the concepts to work in the day-to-day activities that make up HR.

This is not where the program ends. In fact the completion of the 8 workshops marks the beginning of a new phase in the program. The `Action Learning Project` offer professionals who have completed the 8 Gems of HCM the opportunity to put their knowledge to work for the benefit of their professional development as well as the development of their organization.

  • Gem 1- Function & Structure of HCM (Aligning Strategy with Performance)
  • Gem 2 – Job Analysis & Job Descriptions (Performance Based HR)
  • Gem 3 – Testing, Training & Developing Your People
  • Gem 4- Performance Management & Solutions KPI`s-Measuring the Effectiveness of Performance
  • Gem 5 – The Psychology of Employee Behavior & Motivation (Why did you do that?)
  • Gem 6 –Establish HR Systems, Policies and Procedures
  • Gem 7 –Strategic Compensation & Benefits (Motivate & Retain Employees)
  • Gem 8 –Leading & Managing HR Administration

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This is an ICTN (International Consulting & Training Network) proprietary International Certification Program.

Designed for

Professionals working within the HR (Human Resources) field who want/need to increase their knowledge, experience and skills to achieve higher levels of performance.


Receive your International Certification as a HCM Specialist


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