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Improve Performance and Guarantee Results with Diversity IceBreaker

Leadership, Management and Administration

Offered on Demand
Duration: 2 Days 9 AM - 5 PM

Workshop Description

Improve Performance and Guarantee Results with Diversity IceBreaker

Do you want to understand why each individual is different and how to cope with this diversity among people? Do you want to increase positive energy at work? Do you want to be encouraged to “open-up” to your colleagues and share with each other aspects of your cultural and social backgrounds and in doing so, create a stronger team? Do you want to succeed in team-work by comprehending your teammates’ backgrounds?

  • Fast, simple, and easy understandable
  • Creates a psychologically safe atmosphere with humor and reflection
  • Questionnaire and processes with concepts that make people aware that:
    People are different
    People have different communication preferences
    People often take positions towards each other; often they polarize
    People can contribute differently in different stages of processes
    People can create a shared language and overcome prejudices and social stigmas
Designed for

This workshop will benefit individuals who want to reinforce team building, project planning and management.

What you will learn

Participants will learn and understand:

  • How to deal with diversity in three ways.
  • That we all have different preferences in communication and interactions that may create negative stereotyping, mistrust, and as a result of these negative elements, performance will be poor.
  • How to accept, nurture and leverage differences to achieve consistent, sustainable high performance.
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