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The Internet
for ordinary people!

No technical stuff

By John Williams

(About The Author)


It's not for "dummies" or "idiots" or "geeks". It's essential information for real people with limited Internet experience and knowledge.

"Ezy-Internet ABC" makes your Net journeys hassle-free.

You don't need the latest computer, accessories or a big wallet to learn, earn and have FUN on the Internet.

Many Internet "experts" tell you there's lots that you must learn before you can enjoy the Internet.

John says, "It must be easy or I wouldn't be able to do it!"

He wrote the "Ezy-Internet ABC" for people like him and YOU!


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P.S. "Ezy-Internet ABC" is written by John Williams,
          who used and taught these methods for years.


John Williams

John Williams was a computer operator for years, helping people to use their computers and explaining technical requirements so real people

don't want to be geeks) could understand!

He says that everyone will benefit from the Internet and that it's NOT rocket science.


Many "experts" pretend that there's a lot of difficulties to overcome before you get to the good stuff on the Net.


John says, "It can't be very hard or I wouldn't be able to do it!"


He doesn't treat readers like "idiots" or "dummies" or "geeks". He wrote it for people just like him, and YOU!